New ip removal rules

We not accept removal if: 

  • your ip is blocked on one of this RBL lists [,,,,,]
  • your ip have no PTR [Reverse DNS]
  • if your email address not exist
  • we not accept ip removal requests from free email accounts
  • if you not enter any comment in removal request

Spam reports by country and ip admin

Now you can see reported spam by ip country and by ip network admin.

Spam reports by network admin

We create new feature. Now you can see all reported ip by network admin email. Now you can easy recognize huge spam networks. On this networks is no any reaction to spam reports.

Better and faster

Octopus DNS Monster work now better and faster. We renew our infrastructure. Now we have 3 dns servers. Nord America (United States), Europe (Germany and Poland). We have plans for next 3 in Asia, Africa and South America.

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